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The Wedding Is Over, Now What
Hello and Welcome…

My name is Jazmen Johnson and I’d like to welcome you to my blog, A New Wive’s Tale!

The most frequently asked question I got after my wedding weekend was “Do you feel any different?” Initially, my response was no, but as the days have turned into weeks, and the weeks have turned into a couple of months I can definitely say I’ve changed my mind.

In all actuality, everything in my life has changed in one way or another now that I’m married. My daily routines, my expectations, and most importantly my heart, slowly but surely. One thing neither my husband nor I were prepared for was the cold hard truth; people are inherently selfish, imperfect, unsympathetic sinners. I say this not to give you the impression that my spouse and I are evil. I say this so you can see how we came to the realization that being married to someone else is extremely hard, even when you’re a Christian.

Andrew, my husband, and I love each other dearly. We had a whirlwind romance, and before we celebrated our “official” one year dating anniversary we were married. As individuals, we couldn’t be more different (I have the personality test to prove it), but the Johnsons agree on the big things. The most important being our love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Now that the wedding day has come and gone, the real work begins. We’ve come to the conclusion over these short two months of marriage that our love for God must be the cornerstone of our relationship. After this, our love for each other is of the utmost importance. Our God wants us to become selfless, compassionate people exuding His likeness and walking in our purpose. Marriage is the most transformational relationship two people can enter; I believe it’s where our hearts will be changed forever.

What I Hope to Share with You

As I journey through this thing called marriage I hope to share our personal trials and triumphs, prayers, lessons learned, along with a few of my favorite pastimes. A New Wives’ Tale is a blog for single, seriously dating, engaged, and married women. I pray those that read will find refreshing honesty, advice, encouragement, love, and the Lord.

 Many Blessing,

Jazmen Johnson

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